Chicago SkylineWelcome to the Blue Goose!

The Greater Chicago Pond was reactivated in 1985 as an Illinois Not-For-Profit 501(c)10 corporation, dedicated to the camaraderie and fellowship of the insurance industry.


Membership is open to all insurance professionals, including claims adjusters, defense attorneys, agents, underwriters, vendors of support services, etc.

Activities of the Chicago Pond are eclectic and randomly scheduled. Annual events include one golf outing, various dinner meetings, a Cubs baseball game, and anything else that the membership might get around to planning. As the Chicago Pond makes no pretense toward training or education, there are no seminars whatsoever. The secret sacred solemn new-member induction ceremony is held once each year, and vaguely resembles a fraternity hazing.

Once a Goose, always a Goose.

We have designed this site to be a resource for all members. Please visit the various pages to discover information on how to join and participate in our events.


Insurance Professionals Supporting Children’s Charities

We thank our members for their loyalty and generosity. Our membership ranks have helped The Greater Chicago Pond to give back to our community. Through various fund raising activities such as our annual golf outings, dinners, and other outings, we have contributed to several worthy causes. We are very proud of our efforts. Please see our Charities page for further details.